What do we recycle

Network Switches-Hub-Routers
Telecom Equipment
Mobile Phones
A/V Equipment
Video Games


Specifications of equipment that we can reuse

Pc Organise Ltd is able to reuse:
Working Pentium 4 computers and laptops or similar processor rated at 2.4 GHz upwards. If you are not sure check for the Intel Pentium 4 logo or any Celeron logo. Unless modified most systems running Windows XP will be acceptable. Any size TFT monitor Laptop power adapters, power cables, keyboards and mice.

We will also take other equipment that you may have. As we need to ensure that the equipment we take  will be usable for several more years, we perform stringent quality tests on all equipment to guarantee that it meets the required standard.
Any equipment we cannot reuse will be recycled. We may however ask for a contribution towards the cost of this service, please get in touch for a quote.


We offer a free decommissioning service to companies clearing equipment we can reuse. If you would like to arrange a collection we will ask for a contribution towards collection costs depending on the quantity, quality and location of the equipment. For example, it would be £105 for us to arrange a collection of up to 1000 computers and 1000 monitors anywhere within the M25. Any amount lower to this is usually free.

Duty of Care Certificate 

This letter also constitutes a duty of care certificate that from the point at which we took possession of the equipment, Pc Organise Ltd assumed all liabilities in law for any damage or injury arising from the equipment. All PCs cleared from customer offices or individuals will be data wiped to CESG and Ministry of Defense approved baseline and enhanced standards to permanently remove all data and programs using Ontrack® Eraser™ software from Kroll Ontrack®.

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