Fixed Computer Repair Pricing

Computer Clean-up service for only £50.00

What does include clean up service?

  • Remove any dust inside the case that is causing a heat build up.
  • We check machine for all known viruses.
  • We check machine spyware and adware.
  • We identify and remove all infections.
  • We check machine for programms installed which may make it run slow
  • We will make recommendations to help resist infection in the future.

You will get all this for only £50.00

Computer Set-up Service for only £60

What does include Computer Set-up Service.

  • Unpacking, checking and set-up of your new computer
  • Installation of your printer, scanner or all-in-one on your computer (provided the software drivers are available)
  • Explanation of Windows®, Internet Explorer™, e-mail, Microsoft Works™ and Windows Media Center™, Mac OS X, Safari, Mail & Front Row if pre-installed on your PC
  • Provision of recovery discs
  • Set up of Windows or Apple and your internet connection
  • Personalised advice
  • Data transfer from your old computer to your new one*
  • Set-up of up to 3 devices on your network
  • Configuration of wireless security settings
  • Set-up of file, printer and internet sharing
  • A full test of all connections
  • 30 days of telephone support following set-up
  • Installation of the networking equipment you’ve bought
  • Secure your network, ensuring only you can use it
  • A working demonstration of the system

*10GB limit to data size applies
See our Computer Set-up Service page for more.


Computer Repair Business Services fixed rate £60 + parts

  • 3 month guarantee
  • Covers you for the fault we repair
  • Repaired at your site or at our wherehouseWe check machine for programms installed which may make it run slow
    For business customers who would like us to come to their sites and look at any IT equipment, it would be wise to choose our fixed prise rate off £60 + Parts with no call out charges.

    What can we do for a Business?

  • We can offer fixed hourly rate
  • We can offer no call out charge
  • Quotes available on request
  • We can offer annual computer service
  • We can offer pick up and drop off service

What can we repair for business premises?

      • Office network including design and set up if needed
      • Printer sharing or network printer professionally installed
      • Network Broadband Installation
      • Online Remote PC Servicing set up
      • General computer advice
      • Hardware and peripheral installation
      • Performance tune-up
      • New computer setup
      • Virus and Spyware removal

Check our Computer Services for Business Customers page for more

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